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I need help on a strange topic. I don’t THINK it is an eating disorder. I don’t force myself to puke (nor would I, I hate vomiting). And, I’m not anorexic. I would like some explanation for this though: I would eat, and be so full that I can’t take another bite and then, like 10 minutes to 2 hours later, I’ll be hungry again. It depends but it is usually just hungry enough for something small, like a snack, but once I was hungry enough for dinner. I don’t know if this helps you figure anything out, but I have also felt very tired, especially around the eye area, even after a long time of sleep. I just want to stop feeling so crummy. I would love your diagnosis, help, tips and/ or advice! Thanks!

Answer #1

Maybe you have tapeworm.

Answer #2

Well, the only thing that I forgot is, I’m not gaining weight. I am still 95 pounds (I’m 13)

Answer #3

maybe you’re eating out of boredom.. every time I walk to the kitchen which is like 30 times a day, I try to remember to stop and think “am I ACTUALLY hungry?”

but if you really are hungry, instead of eating 3 large meals a day, eat 6 half sized ones a day, it supposably is better to do that anyway.. I guess

Answer #4

Uhhh…probably more like a growth spurt. My daughter is 13 and whenever she is going through a growth spurt we can’t keep enough to eat in the house. Then, for a while she doesn’t eat very much at all.

Do you eat healthy or do you eat a lot of junk food? Eating junk food/ fast food can cause you to fill listless with no energy at all. A healthy diet not only helps to control weight (when portion control is used) but you also have more energy.

No one here is legally allowed to ‘diagnose” what you could have. My guess is possibly a growth spurt and maybe a diet which could be a litlle jealthier.

Check in with your Dr and let them know what has been going on. He can evaluate what you have told him and do lab workj to see if you are high/low in various of your blood work. Feel better!! {=

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