How do you get a better imagination for drawing and things like that?

Answer #1

Play games that make you think outside of the box and be creative. Pictionary, Charades, Cranium…. or you could make up your own to play with friends and family! Browse sites like deviant art and look at other people’s art/drawings for inspiration.

Answer #2

love deviant art!

Answer #3

okaay thaanks

Answer #4

look at something around the house or outside that inspires you

Answer #5

Don’t limit yourself, let your imagination go wild

Answer #6

Drawing requires feelings more than imagination. Try to express your feelings. For example, if your drawing a tree, you can have a bright tall and blooming tree or you can have a skinny, bent tree. Its not about what you draw, its about how you draw it. So basically your can draw the same thing 100 times and be able to have drawn 100 totally different pictures.

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