Will copying drawings, help my own drawing skills?

I’m trying to draw (I really suck right now) And since I’m helpless of trying to draw my own things. I’ve been finding some drawings I like online and I copy them. Like I try to draw it only by looking at it, not tracing it. And I was wondering if that will help my drawing skills. If I draw other peoples work for awhile, will I maybe get the hang of how things work, and will be able to draw my own things after awhile of copying other peoples?

 I draw like once or twice a day (Well try to) and  I'm wondering if I just copy other drawings for awhile, will I be able to draw as good as them on my own? Just my copying theirs?

If so, how long will it take? If not, what should I do to improve my skills at it?

p.s. I’m talking about drawing anime style =3

Answer #1

Think bout what your doin… respectfully… copying others drawings is yes a good thing to practice at, but drawing what you want and what you feel will better increase your skills also books that show and teach you different techniques will also help (buy them at a bookstore or download them), and it also helps not to try and draw a actually thing or idea… drawing lines or circles, shapes, shades and shadows for random elements in the drawing will help to…

well yeah I hope that helps… lol

Answer #2

I would have to say that doing things that way can help you be a better artist. I call it “training your hand” to move to make the correct lines- it helps with your eye hand coordination as well. once you have your hand trained in how to move while drawing you can branch out and start drawing original pieces. as stated above- a drawing book will also help- but you will be doing essentially the same thing- copying what the book is telling you to draw- to train your hand and eye- so both ways will accomplish close to the same thing.

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