How can I get better at drawing?

I want to be an architect when. the problem is im nto too good at drawing. so is theere anything I could do to get better at drawing? any certian things I could practice to get better at drawing?

Answer #1

read some books, copy things and pictures, draw anything from your imagination tell someone to sit infront of you and draw him/ her (you can’t draw a nose) you don’t draw it, you make some shadow on one of its sides and it will show (depends on the light the person is standing in) … I’m good at drawing, so you can also funmail me if you have questions about drawing.

Answer #2

ok well I’m not so good at drawing either, I do take art class but try drawing some manga, anime or cartoons I drew inuyasha pretty good with a guide and yea I’m showing great progress :D heres the web site.

Answer #3

Being a good drawer is good but to become one you need to have a very good imagination and focus on little details. You should practice drawing things you like. When I was like 5 years old I used to draw pokemon and that really helped me because now I have a steady hand when I’m drawing. Just practice and you’ll get the hang of it. I promise.

Answer #4

just keep drawing and you might get better,just start by doodling and then start drawing bigger pictures and you should get better.

      Good Luck!
Answer #5

Read “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. She’s taught many people who thought they would never draw to draw. Anyone can learn to at least draw.

Answer #6

Get some drawing books and start practicing more. When you have spare time you should drw then to. Practice makes perfect. Hope I helped.

Answer #7

Do you mean drawing a blue print plan for a house?Also known as architectural drawing. If you wish to do this I know for a fact that certain high school in New York State have classes in high school for this. I took the class in ninth grade last year and it was fun and you really don’t have to be the best of drawers to do it because there are rulers and other objects to help you. The main thing is, however, you need to know how to read a metric ruler. Check what classes you may have in high school. If you have any questions about this FunMail me and I’ll help you to the best of my ability. Good luck! ~Alanna

Answer #8

try going down to your local library and getting some books from the drawing section. theyve usually got some excercizes you can practice with, thats how i taught myself how to draw. practice is the key thing though, keep trying and keep drawing. try still lifes, carrying pencils and a mini sketchbook in your bag so you can draw alot and whenever inspiration comes up, and if you keep working at it youll be great. :)

good luck!

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