im worried

im going to be a mum, I have decided to keep my child, but im just worried about being a mum, 7.5 months to go, any one out there with new mum advice?

Answer #1

well I’m 21 and have a two year old. Its hard. but if you have a place with your sweetie, you should be fine =) Myself on the other hand , her father tried sayin she wasnt his , so I had to get a DNA test and you best believe when we got the certified letter in the mail with the results we RACCEEEDD up there and I gave hima bloody nose with the paper ( I was pissed) then he left when she was a month and a half. No child support or anything, but I’m doing it =) and I wouldnt trade my daughter for the world! because she IS my world! I also got lucky and got blessed with a good baby who has slept all through the night since the second night if she didnt I’d probably had gone crazy by now lol . but good luck! you’ll be fine (how old are you?)

Answer #2

if you have a partner that will help then it will be much easier. Maybe stay with someone like your parents or a friend who’s had a child for a while to learn a bit about being a mother. It’s not a very easy thing to do.

Answer #3

every new mom is nervous. always listen to your doctor and not advice givers when you are worried or have questions. that is the best advice I can give being a mother myself.

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