Im really want to help my handicap brothr !!

I am a 20 year old bro is 23 and has a rare form of muscular dystrophy.He has no energy and he acts like he’s about 15.All he wants is to be normal and get a job but nobody will hire him.You cant tell he’s got a problem until he talks.His speech is real bad.he constantly bugs me when I’m on the computer and I tell him im busy and dont bug me.My dad is really cool (he raised us after his divorce)but hasn’t had a life cause he worries of us and my brother.I want him to meet a nice woman.He sayzs he wont till my bro gets a job.what can I do to help my bro get a job.He really is cool and all but just needs someone to give him a chance.I really do pray for both of them but im not having any luck??

Answer #1

Have you looked into disabled student programs? My mom runs one in Cypress and they help a lot of people out with the same situation. It’s pretty much classes teaching people who are disabled how to live on their own. I recommend you research and try and find some programs near you who will help.

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