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Long but I really need help to deal with this

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k so I need someone from the uk to help me on this
I want to know if I can move out of my house with help from any authority
the thing is im clinically depressed and I cant do anything, no school work, no college applications, I cant eat properly, I cant stay healthy and well my mum makes it so much worse
because she keeps starting on me for no reason and insulting me
the days I feel positive and think about making a start on some coursework she starts shouting ill ask why shes shouting and she keeps lecturing me (she says I should accept her husband as a dad even though he tried to rape me, she dont believe me though, he is also a criminal, takes drugs and is a male prostitute - long story)
anyways thats usually how the arguement starts then she insults me and it makes me feel suicidal
so im thinking if I can move out into like a council place or something to sort myself out maybe it will help for awhile
im wondering how old I have to be though to get help like that
and I also have a therapist who I talk to but im scared to tell her or ask her for help incase my mum gets mad at me
what do I do?