How come when I'm around my peers seem to not like me, when I never do anything?

Answer #1

You need to assert yourself. You can’t go around taking other ppl’s s**. Are these people your friends? Confront them (not in an aggressive way). Say exactly what is on your mind and don’t break down and let them feed you lies. Trust me, talking to them is the best thing you can do. I didn’t talk to a friend about my problems with her & just let her walk all over me for years, which sucked. Don’t let people do that to you or make you feel inferior to them… it’ll just put you in a bad situation. Anyways, jerks will be jerks, & people will treat you bad, but don’t worry about it. You’ll meet better people, I’m sure. And sometimes instead of thinking about how bad it feels that their acting this way towards you, you should just think “Fck you!” & move on. Lol. Hope I helped.

Answer #2

yeh you help!!. except i nvr took anybodys stuff. lol

Answer #3

Sometimes you just have hatters. Someone is always going to be jelous of you, or simly not like who you are. And that is ok, best thing to do is to stick to those who care about you and those who accept you for who you are. Are this people that seem to not like you your friends? Or are they just people are around? If it’s just people around then try to do what I said above, people who don’t like you wont stop, but you can choose to not be affected by them. If it’s your friends, let them know this, ask them what is causing them to act this way or something. Don’t yell or anathing, just stay calm and try to simply have a heart to heart talk with them. If it’s just the fact that they don’t like you for who you are, then it’s time to start finding new friends. If the people who are your friends can’t accept you for who you trully are, then they should not have the oportunity to be your friends at all.

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