Why is pot illigal?

Why is pot illigal?

Answer #1

It’s illegal because Puritans failed on alcohol prohibition, and turned their attention to other drugs instead. There is no valid reason for it to be illegal, and prohibition is also unconstitutional (that’s why it required an Amendment to ban alcohol, which was then repealed after they realized how stupid it was).

Answer #2

there has never been a recorded death of someone dieing from smoking too much weed. it is illegal because it is a “mind altering substance” and because it is a “gateway drug”. although alcohol is also a mind altering drug, and has lots of death associated with alcohol poisoning it is considered less dangerous. also it is called a gateway drug because they believe it leads to the use of harder drugs like coke and meth, although the first drug I used was alcohol which led me to weed… those are the reasons not these other people they dunno what they are talking about.

Answer #3

because it is bad for you and can ruin your intestinal organs and just completely engulf your body with disease.

Answer #4

It’s a drug, and while generally considered a mild drug, it can lead to using more dangerous drugs. Pot has changed a lot since the 60’s. Good pot can be as much as 70” thc now, and you can apparently od and die from smoking some of the good stuff. Not so good, I guess… That’s not the only reason, but it is one.

Answer #5

smoking damages your insides to why aint that illigal

Answer #6

and also cause the united states cant tax it

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