Is it illegal for an employer to work an employee for 10 hours and only give them a 45 minute lunch and no breaks?

If it is illegal who can I contact to turn them in

Answer #1

I don’t think it is illegal but you can call osha or human resources.

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There are very few federal labor rules dealing with hours worked and breaks. Certain professions have limitations on hours worked for safety reasons (pilots and commercial truck drivers for example) but other than that this is mostly governed by state laws. Assuming you are in Ohio I do not believe that Ohio requires employers to provide any meal or coffee breaks. We do not have rights to breaks. I have heard of cases where workers on assembly lines who did not have anyone to take over for them had to wear diapers because their employer would not stop the assembly line for employees to use the bathroom.

Answer #4

Wow that’s awful, and thx for ur reply

Answer #5

If it isn’t already, it soon will be when the republicans destroy what’s left of the unions. Workers have no idea what they’re headed for in this sleazy corporate world.

Answer #6

You can look up Ohio work laws here…

And though it may not be illegal to make someone work 10 hours, it sure is terribly ineffective. People get tired and badly concentrated when they work that much. And then they start making mistakes. And then they need work time to fix their mistakes. Which is making the longer work hours quite pointless.

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