Should I work?

Ok, two questions. 1- Last semester I worked at my college for about 10 hours a week. This semester I only go to college 2 days a week (from 8am-3pm) and have 4 hours of free time a week (12-2) I need to eat lunch during that time and it would be nice to have a break to hang out with my friends after 3 classes, or study. I don’t know if I should go back to that job or just forget about a campus job this semester. By the way, it’s minimum wage. 2- I don’t know if I should get a job while I’m at home (5 days a week). I don’t really NEED any money since I live with my parents this semester. I don’t drive yet and I’ve only had one other job (the campus job). Also, when I applied for the campus job they never asked for my working papers.. (I’m 17). I don’t know if those take long to get or not. I’m trying to raise my GPA up and I have been using the time I have to study. However I DO enjoy having money :D I might want to save up for a car once I get that license. Advice?

Answer #1

It appears you have to decide what is best and make that the priority: 1) more study time to raise GPA 2) having some spending money or 3) work to save up for that car - only you can determine which is No. 1…Good luck !!

Answer #2

Right now, if you don’t NEED the money then I don’t see a point in trying hard for a job right now. Its good that you are focusing on school, and I think you should keep it that way. If you got a job off campus you may not focus on school as much and thats not good because education is the #1 priorty right now.

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Answer #4

it doesn’t hurt to have a job! that way if any emergencys come up you will have the money to take care of and be able to treat yourself to things off and one. That and you and eed to start saving money NOW because our generation will not have social sercurity when we are older!

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