If you could wake up with one ability what would it be?

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?

Answer #1

I would like to wake up knowing each day the winning lottery numbers. ;)

Answer #2

the abltiy to know where every one lives so i could find my firend and crush why??

Answer #3

I’d like to wake up looking like I want to everyday, having the clothes I want to wear, and knowing that everyday would be awesome and fun.

Answer #4

the ability to make people happy and make it so that they understand me and where i am comming from it sucks being missinterpereted

Answer #5

I would have to say wakeing up and being… ME!!! Most people don’t know that im actully a very load, fun, interjectic person but i turn up to be strict, anoying (which sometimes i am), and tottly boring!! I want my friends to see the ture said of me not the focused and boring side I get very focused when at school and that the only place i see my friends. I really am strating to lose my idenity and i don’t know if i can get it back in my social stutus. I just don’t know…

Answer #6

To know people’s Heart.

Answer #7

the ability to sleep forever

Answer #8

i would want to be able to read minds .

Answer #9

To see what people are thinking/feeling.

Oh, second choice: flying.

Answer #10

Invincibility. And that includes no pain. And yes, I can still die of old age.

Answer #11

I would like to be able to know the future and change people’s way of thinking….

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