does anyone want to live forever lol and if so whyy

its abit of a random question and pretty dumb but does anyone want to live forever lol and if so whyy

Answer #1

yes.I do. cause I dont like thinkin ‘bout how I will die and stuff like that! I don’t like 2 think ‘bout what my family goes through if I died I know when someone dies that I know I get really upset and I would get a chance 2 go whereever I wanted and do watever I wanted 2 do.

Answer #2

Nooo, when all your family and old friends die what are you left with? You’ll probably be pretty old, unable to work, bored as hell etc And you wouldn’t even be able to die a lonely death…you’d just have to hang on forever, and ever, and ever…

Answer #3

don’t you think living forever would get pretty god damn boring? so nah I don’t want to. you’d see everyone else die around you, and yeah :(

Answer #4

I would like my NAME to be immortalized, perhaps by some of the books I would like to write. maybe via my artwork as well.

but - me physically , live forever?


I want to make my mark while I am here- in a normal lifespan- then return in another guise for another go around.

Answer #5

Yes… I want to live forever… just not forever here. I know already the inevitable culmination. I hate it. My stomach sinks. My heart numbs even as the palpitations intensify. Daily bread becomes the constant harbinger of the prison keeper… not the liberator. All is ending. The clock wasting away and taking with it all that you have. Pushing us towards the embarkation that is veiled from us. I hate it. I have no idea what is beyond. Maybe it is worse. Maybe it is cold and nothing.

Answer #6

No, I do not want to live forever. You’d lose all your family and friends and probably get pretty bored.

Answer #7

yeah because youd be famous for living so long, you could stand up for people who are about to get killed and wont worry about getting killed yoursellff. it could be a bit boring, not taking risks but still call I mean you could meet like your great great x10393 children :]

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