If there's no Bible tomorrow, could someone recite it ?

if there was no bible tomorrow, if it all were somehow missing, will someone be able to recite the whole bible without making any mistakes?? if you’re asking whether someone can recite the Quran without the Quran, yes, an Imam can without making mistakes. PS: sorry for all the religious questions

Answer #1

With all due respect, having the ability to recite anything word for word with no mistakes, will not get you to Heaven - ALL of us make mistakes - To me, it’s not likely a person would be able to recite exactly a large tome without a mistake…Take care !!

Answer #2

its not only imam ,, who recite the quran , there is kids less than 9 years who can recite whole the quran with out any mistake . because quran is the true words of GOD and GOD protect it .

Answer #3

thedude .. kabar baik :D

in islam, if one learns to read the Quran and better yet memorize it, it becomes a deed, and it will help you get to heaven. it will only HELP but not get you to heaven entirely, there are other deeds that needs to be done. but it will help you once you are judged when you die. whether you go to heaven or hell ..

Answer #4

Nope… But being a born again Christian and having the Spirit dwell within me, I would know garbage when I hear it. This will proove to be very important some day. HINT: DON’T RECEIVE THE MARK.

Answer #5

Indonesian? Apa ke bar ;)

I visited Bali a few times as a kid…and in my experience, I’ve met more Christian priests, deacons & pastors than I have imams…none of those Christian religious figures would be able to recite the bible.

Interesting notion though…one wonders if that would make the faith stronger?

Answer #6

It’s really impressive that the Imams can recite the whole Quran. I know that’s true. Since most of society became literate, the Christian church stopped its emphasis on being able to recite the Bible as a whole. It’s just a practical thing, the theory being that now we can all read it we don’t need the oral tradition so much. But there are times when an individual Christian’s ability to memorise and recite the Bible or Bible passages is still a great blessing - for example when people have been imprisoned without their Bibles. So I can see that being able to recite the whole book is both a matter of respect (putting in hard work and effort on what is most important in your life) and of practical use at times.

I’m pretty sure that there are some people who have made it their life’s work to learn and recite the whole Bible by heart, but that’s just a guess. I don’t know who they are.

PS - I like your questions, don’t apologise! They’re intelligent, well informed on your own faith, and ready to accept genuine answers from people of other faiths!

PPS - I guess you realise this, but some of my Muslim friends didn’t. I know that if you have Muslim parents you are bound to be a Muslim yourself - it’s what you’re born into. Therefore, my friends assumed that white westerners are all Christians - born in ‘Christian’ countries, they must be Christians. In fact, it’s really different. Being a Christian is something that each person has to decide on for themselves. Many white westerners have a Christian heritage, but many have chosen not to follow Christ for themselves, so they don’t call themselves Christians. Thus, American or British cultures are not ‘Christian’ in the way that Libya or Malaysia are Muslim.

Answer #7

Its very interesting to see someone that is gifted in their ability to memorize large amounts of text. I have seen several in my lifetime that had this abililty. One recited the book of revelations, at our local theatre, we didn’t realize until we got there, exactly what we were going to see, but, it was interesting. My husband had to memorize a verse for Sunday School, when he was little, and he picked “Jesus wept”…


Answer #8

My 10 year old friend recited Pslam 91 !!!1 that lucky biotich :) I still love her…

Answer #9

well I doubt any one person could recite it. maybe just maybe if they got like 100 people if could be done?

Answer #10

thanks flossheal, and im indonesian BTW, I just live in libya :D

Answer #11

Wow, without any mistakes…I wouldn’t think so.

Answer #12

Yes, Madeline Murry O’Hare knows it by heart, but she claims to be an atheist.

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