If science can already stop aging in an organ, immortality next?

I read a blurb today. Apparently some university, research center or what not has figured out how to stop aging in an organ…pretty science fiction esque, in my opinion. So if they can do that, how far along till they figure out how to halt the biological process of aging? Would that be a good thing or bad thing, do you think?

Answer #1

An ageless organ? The pianos will be outraged.

That was probably uncalled for…

Answer #2

I’ld say a bad thing, overpopulation there’ld be people being bored but not dieing

Answer #3

baa, we live long enough as it is.

Answer #4

Oh the horror of immortality. I believe in euthanasia.

Answer #5

huh if organs dont age then we dont die right lol? oh well wednesday shal decide that<stupid swiss anyway they found sumthing in red wine that could make you live forever but they can’t extract it so its no use, we cant drink the wine because u’d need loads of it and u’d kill your liver by then lol

Answer #6

It’s definitely not a good idea to stop the aging process. Living things are meant to be born and than die…We are not meant to live forever, or an insanely long time. What ‘genius’ thought about this…This person must be very naive. Life would get old very quickly if a person had to live for forever. Very bad idea. This earth is too overpopulated as it is, and if scientists can stop aging an organ it will start a riot and everybody will be interested in living forever/a long time. I would be out. I want to die eventually. (I hate saying that.)

Answer #7

I think its true to some extent. because we cant stop the aging of our bones which are very important (well we cant stop yet). but all in all I think thats bad if immortality is next, because we already are getting over populated, so if people dont die then we are screwed.

Answer #8

I agree with persiandawg. If we live forever, we’ll just over populate and it will be a disaster. However this idea would rock if they stoped skin aging. Everyone would die looking great and if thats the case I’m all for it! ;)

Answer #9

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       I think it will probably be 50 years at least until they could stop aging in all the body’s organs including the skin.

I would be for it if they could double or triple the average lifespan. However, they would still have to overcome diseases that cause so much death now.

And the financial burden of so many people living longer and having medical problems would be extremely high.

Answer #10

if it ever happens it will be a bad thing everything needs to die things die to make way for change, and to allow things to evolve and adapt to there surrounding enviroment if nothing died, the world will not only be too full of everything but everything would chlach with everything else its really not a good idea theres no point in living forever

Answer #11

I’d love to see the article.

One major issue that most organisms have is that every chromosome has a long series of “useless” DNA at the end known as a telomere, and every time a cell splits, that telomere gets slightly shorter. Sooner or later, we run out of telomere, and the cell stops being able to split properly. The only cells that can extend the telomere are our reproductive organs, which produce zygotes with longer telomeres.

So in essence, we all have a biological time-bomb. Sooner or later, our cells stop being able to divide, which means they can’t replace damaged and dead cells any longer. Any ‘immortality’ treatment would need to deal with this problem as well (maybe that’s what they are dealing with?)

Answer #12

oooh wow, I would really like to read about that, it sounds interesting! I think people being ‘immortal’ would be ages off though because various organs are vastly different in many respects. I personally like livers, they can regenerate, awesomeness!

Building on what Arachnid said, one of my lecturers talked to me briefly about Dolly the sheep and how she developed diseases associated with older animals at a very early age. He mentioned how this might have been related to the the fact her genetic material had come from an adult sheep and so was actually older than Dolly herself was.

I dont think immortality would be a good thing. Besides the over population thing, I think you would get sick of life!

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