Why can't we sell our bodies to science before we die?

I think it would be a good idea because it would bring more organs to transplant

Answer #1

because opening the ability to take your own life is illegal. This would open the ability for someone to kill themselves more easily. Your baby was made to be a tool until you die, then its practicably useless.

Answer #2

You can give your body to science, or donate organs for transplantation - why does there have to be money involved? Once you’re dead, your are not going to need your body anyway. If there was the option of being paid for your body, then pretty much everyone would take it, rather than simply donating, and thats going to put health care costs up. Luckily I live in a country with an abundance of people donating their bodies for science.

Answer #3

I believe u shud donate ur organs, I am an organ donor, I just think more people wud donate organs if they got paid to do so, u do have a point about healthcare costs affiliated with it, thx for ur answer

Answer #4

I understand, thx

Answer #5

The idea is that the poor would be exploited, thus to prevent this exploitation, they stop the selling of organs.

Answer #6

I don’t know but that is a really smart idea. I’ve always wanted to do that so the waiting list for cancer patients to get a transplant isn’t so long and more people could live. Smart question! ;)

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