Help with science essay introduction?

Hey, can anyone help me come up with an introduction for a science essay I have to write about the advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers and the effects of chemical and organic fertilizers on the water systems? by the way dont make it too complicated im in grade 8

Answer #1

Fertilizers are essential to productive farming. But different fertilizers have different effects on the plants and the environment. Chemical fertilizers can produce large results but the chemicals also runoff into the water systems which can be overloaded by them. Organic fertilizers also can produce excellent results but also can affect the water systems if they are overused. But if we look at what they contain and how they work, organic fertilizers have an edge. Organic fertilizers are more complete and have a wide variety of minerals and nutrients. Most chemical fertilizers have just a few huge amounts of some basic nutrients and minerals.

Water systems can be affected by either type, but organic fertilizers will break down in the natural system better.

Answer #2

thanks , but I had to hand it in today, but thanks for the help anyway :)

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