If I have a good idea about the environment...

If I have a good idea and its about the enviroment, how could I send it in or tell the people the idea? I’m not going to say incase there are any copy cats around (I’ve got my eye on you…) but how would I?

Answer #1

dont keep it a secret. you could of started here. Trust me there are scientists that have accounts on this website that answer questions all the time. So throw it out there.

Answer #2

make a myspace and like ADD EVERYONE tellen them bout plans

Answer #3

why do you want to keep it to yourself? do you actually care about the environment or do you just want recognition for an idea you thought of?

Answer #4

Unless you’re going to get a patent on it, no need to be secret - if you are, search the net or bookstore for patent info…Take care !!

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