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Genex utility is one of the top Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We provide environment friendly Wastewater Treatment Plants.

About Genex Utility

Who we are

At, we are passionate about water and wastewater management. We are a team of experts in the field of Water and Wastewater Management, established in 2015, dedicated to providing top-quality solutions for the treatment and reuse of wastewater. Our goal is to help create a sustainable future by conserving water and recycling it through proper treatment.

What we Do

Genex Utility Management Services (GUMS) is one of the top Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We specialize in providing environment-friendly Wastewater Treatment Plants for various industries. Our services include the operation and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), installation of STPs and Water Treatment Plants (WTP), as well as specialized water and waste treatment management services.

We work closely with residential apartments, commercial malls, office buildings, hotels, and other establishments to ensure the efficient treatment and reuse of wastewater. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, allowing us to deliver the best quality water and waste treatment services to our clients.

Why you should use us

There are several reasons why you should choose for your water and wastewater management needs. Firstly, we prioritize public health by providing essential services to treat and deliver safe drinking water while minimizing the impact on the environment. Our focus on sustainability and conservation sets us apart from other providers.

Additionally, our team of experts is dedicated to creating better policies for the future of water. We collaborate with major water and wastewater service providers, industry bodies, and vendors to ensure a trusted water sector. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, you can trust us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for your water treatment needs.

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