If christianity was proven wrong, who would still believe?

If archaiologists found christ’s remains, indicating he didn’t go up into heaven, would any christians still believe, even thought their religion was proven to be false?

Answer #1

Hardly anyone is Christian because they think the evidence is compelling. They’re Christian because they find the promises or structure seductive, or because they were raised that way and simply never questioned it.

So, even though it has already been shown through textual analysis that the gospels are allegorical and mythical accounts rather than historical accounts, people accept them as historical accounts nonetheless because they want them to be historical, not because the evidence for that is compelling.

In other words, it already has been scientifically proven that the resurrection story is not rooted in historical events, but if people are willing to defy their own knowledge that people don’t rise from the dead, don’t expect them to accept expert analysis that arrives at the same conclusion.

Answer #2

This is how done I am arguing with christians. I LOL AT YOUR SO STUPID LOL, because we could prove it wrong in every way and shove it all in your face and you’d still go on believing, in fact today the big bang was proven LOL, go ahead being idiots and hope for something that isnt going to come.

God didn’t create the human mind, the human mind created god.

Answer #3

I would still belive.But it was his soul that went to heaven not his body.So yeah God would never let anyone prove he’s not real because he is real and he’d be making that more apparent instead of the other way around!

Answer #4

“God allows certain findings to be released, from time to time, to validate the bible, “

What about the findings that invalidate the Bible?

Answer #5

God allows certain findings to be released, from time to time, to validate the bible, not the other way around. Man, with all his smarts will never be able to disprove God. It would be far more profitable to live according to his requirements, rather than try to prove the unprovable.

Answer #6

It is impossible to disprove the existance of God…after all He is our Creator. He brought people back to life, healed the sick, the blind, the deaf…He is God and there is none like Him. So no, I would never believe in any so called “proof” that God does not exists. I’d just feel sorry for those who do not accept Jesus as their Saviour.

Answer #7

You know even if it was proven wrong my life is more peacful now then it was, when I was full of anger, jealousy, and pride. So my life would still be better for the living of it.

Answer #8

“I just can’t think of anything that would make me lose my faith.”

And I bet you that you consider yourself open-minded too.

Answer #9

besides like every one is saying there is no DNA then there would be no way of proving not even another way. ALso if there was no jesus then there would not be the concept of him coming down to earth as a babby and all of that so it wouldn’t be in the bible there for we wouldnt all believe in it

Answer #10

I would still believe because physical things did not limit jesus I believe his soul and spirit would still be alive and in heaven to return to earth one day

Answer #11

archaiologists could never prove it without DNA so Yes I would go on believing.

Answer #12

I would still believe in it, even though it’s not possible to prove they were the remains of christ himself.

Answer #13

well no body will be able to prove that any way. but I will believe in Christ what ever happens because when you get no him and when you start to grow in him you get know him personally. I know him that he is my only true god because he speaks to me every single day.if you truly search him and concentrate on him he will start to talk to you,u will start to talk to him and he will answer your questions you will start to see the world the the way he sees it you will start to feel the way he feels.its sooo wonderful its the greatest feeling a human could ever have.

Answer #14

If something is proven to be absolutely 100% false, how can people say they still would believe in it? Obviously, as a Christian, I don’t think that any “proof” can be found to disprove the existence of God, but if, by some unknown way, there was a way to prove that there was no God, of course I’d stop believing. It’s like, when people first began to work out the earth was round. people still wanted to believe it was flat. It didn’t make them right, because obviously, the earth isn’t flat. If people found out that there was no God, then believing wouldn’t make you right.

Answer #15

“But I say you can’t disprove him either.”

That leaves us nowhere. We also have no proof that Elvis Presley is not still alive. There have been thousands of Elvis sightings, and there are print stories, TV programs, radio shows, and more that have all lent credibility to the idea that Elvis did not really die on the toilet in 1977, but is living the rest of his life in solitude. We also have no proof that the Greek gods, aliens, leprechauns, unicorns, or Spiderman do not exist. All cannot be totally disproven. But at some point, you have to bring reasonable doubt into play.

Answer #16

I don’t believe they will ever find any evidence to disprove that Jesus rose from the dead. People have often complained that you can’t prove God. But I say you can’t disprove him either.

If they found a body in a tomb somewhere that was carbondated and believed to have died at the same time, how could you prove it was him without DNA evidence. Besides they have a tour that supposedly shows His tomb. I just can’t think of anything that would make me lose my faith.

Answer #17

As suspected, they simply can’t wrap their heads around the question.

Answer #18

I would still believe no one can convince me other wise

Answer #19

…or to disprove the unprovable.

However, the topic STILL comes up, again and again.

Answer #20

Ah, how naieve I was to ask such a question and not expect such answers.

Answer #21

I will still believe, people can said whatever they want.

Answer #22

It hasn’t been and won’t be.

Answer #23

What if they proved it another way?

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