If a boy didnt cum can you still be pregnent?

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yupp precum

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Theoretically there isn't supposed to be sperm in pre-cum, but due to normal sexual activity such as masturbation, sex and even wet dreams there usually is sperm in a guy's pre-cum.

So don't use the pull out method, it's not a form of birth control.

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***If the truth is as simple as that, then no, you can't get pregnant.***


Pregnancy CAN occur, because there CAN be sperm in precum...

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If the truth is as simple as that, then no, you can't get pregnant. The question is, is he just telling you that he didn't cum, or are you positive he's not cummin because he's having a problem getting there, or what?

If you know for sure he didn't cum, then there's no sperm to make a baby. Pre-cum is a basic fluid that clears out the urethra in a guy's penis when he is aroused. This happens because the acid in pee, which comes out the same hole as his cum, kills sperm, so the body basically flushes the tubes with a base fluid that is totally harmless.

Hope this helps. :)

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nope, its called pre cum!
it happens with out many people even knowing it.

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