What are some ideas I can use cooking or bakeing with white chocolate?

Answer #1

White chocolate covered sweets, fruit, candies, pretzels, cake cubes, etc. You can use it to drizzle on top of goodies to make them stand out a bit more. You can buy molds and make your own candies in fun shapes. You can add food coloring to it and make holiday colored goodies. You can cover an entire cake in it by pouring the white chocolate on top and letting it run down the sides. You can bake cupcakes and put pieces of white chocolate in the center for a yummy surprise. Use white chocolate shavings to decorate your cakes and sweets.

Answer #2

Thx so much those r excellant ideas and don’t snd to hard to do, thx again

Answer #3

You could bake cookies and put the chocolate on the top of each cookie before you put them in the oven… YUM.

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