How do I bake brownies with chocolate chips in them?

When do I have to pour the chocolate chips in the brownie batter? What size chocolate chips should I use? White or brown chocolate? If brown, what type? What other ingredients can I put in the brownie or as a topping? Peanut butter? Chocolate bars? Any ideas you have please share. Mahalo.

Answer #1

stir in chips with the batter and pour in pan then bake nothing special

Answer #2

Right after mixing the batter together mix in the chocolate chips than bake it, or sprinkle them on top after pouring the batter in the pan(: You can use whatever kind you like best (: Peanutbutter is good in brownies, nuts, and marshmallows :D If you use a chocolate bar chop it up and you’ll be set :D

Answer #3

i can add marshmallows in the batter before baking it? it wont burn?

Answer #4

I’m not sure.. Whenever I make them with marshmallow I’ll put the brownies in the oven, and about 8 minutes before its finished cooking put the mashmallows on top (:

Answer #5

You want “brown” semi-sweet chips. My recipe includes about two tbsp. of good rum mixed into the batter. Find a local chocolatier (chocolate maker, look in the mall) and tell them your’e making chocolate chip cookies…

Answer #6

If you say you’re making brownies, they might look at you funny, not understanding.

Answer #7

Also use cannabutter or canna oil to. Make it extra special chocolate chip brownies

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