What's a good project idea?

Every year my school does a transcendentalist project, or nonconforming project I need to think of an idea for my project that goes against conformity and follows transcendentalist ideas but I cant think of anything Do you have any suggestions of nonconformist project ideas?

Answer #1

You could write about some sort of Transcendentalist writer, like Nathaniel Hawthorne, and talk about what Transcendental aspects appear in his writings. I’m not sure what the “nonconforming” part is, though.

Answer #2

oo, well you have to do whatever it is you decided for a week (like a lot of people dont talk, or dress up in weird outfits for a week) and then write an essay on it

Answer #3

So ‘transcendentalism’ here is being used in the ‘extending the limits of everyday experience’ sense?

Answer #4

Can you narrow down what forms these projects take? Speeches, performance, turtle race, body painting?

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