Any good ideas for fundraisers in a school?

I want to take some school girls to Dublin, but the price is a tiny bit too steep, so I thought about organising a fundraiser. What is a really good event/idea that could raise about £300+. What could I dooo???!!!

Answer #1

I’m not sure if these could but if you do these all together you might…

-Bring and buy sales -Cake/Sweet sale -£1 For Mufti Day (but if you dont have school uniform thats hard lol)

Ill Tell You When I Think Of Some Better Ones..

Answer #2

You could hold a barbecue and the kids could volounteer to do different stands and stalls at it, including raffle, lucky dip, cake sales, craft sales, that sort of thing. You can buy things like sherbert for 5p which could then be sold on a sweet stall at the barbecue for 10p. Making small profits would all add up. You could have little competitions at it as well, such as “best fancy dress” with an entry fee of £1.

Answer #3

Throw a themed dance. :)

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