Is there a way for me to be skinnier?

im 15 5’7 145 pounds . im not likee obeise im actually a normal weight for my height. I just feel fat and my brothers aree skinny [used to be fatt ,now go to the gym] they tell mee I could lose some weight. some of my friends are a lot skinnier then me and I’ve been caleld fat beforee. I need some advice on a diet.? and how to tonee myyy inner thighs. andd stomache. I alsoooo havee love handles=\ I feel like I cant even wear a bathing suite to the beach or in front of my friendsss but most my friends tell me im crazy=\ idont think so.. I used to go to the gym for like 2 monthss I didnt relle eat right tho it was a waste I onlii lost 10 pounds!any advice?!

Answer #1

Listen you are 15 years old you are too young to really start stressing over your body. As your brother to help you at the gym, maybe start running and eating healthier.

You don’t seem to be fat, besides always remember beauty is from within, much more than what you see from the outside.

Answer #2

Toms River, NJ a nice town. Went to a weight lifting meet there once. For a girl your age you ought to be involved in sports of some kind, e.g. soccer, soft ball, even running or jogging. Going to the gym with your brothers will work but it takes a whole lot of work and you’ll probably lose interest very quickly. It takes a lot of reps and sets at the gym to lose weight or 20-30 minutes a day on the tread mill. Running on the beach is more fun.

Answer #3

Don’t try to be skinny, but you can tone yourself up with exercise. A healthy diet with some exercise like skipping, or dancing at home will help give you a better body shape, but please don’t long for a skinny body. Slim and curvy is so much more nicer. I’m overweight, have been all my life. I’d love to be slightly smaller but i’ve had to accept that this is how i am and be happy with it. Aim to lose 1 to 2 lb a week and that way it will stay off. Healthy eating combined with exercise is the answer.

Answer #4

you look good now y would you want to get skinner

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