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I want you back

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I need you I want you I miss you can you tell?

please don't leave me hanging here tell me that you really do care can you love me can you hate me?

I need you I want you I love you PLEASE

can I get you back I miss you I need you your the one I crave for

you left me you hate me I need you don't you see?

I care I love I see that it is all me

but please don't say that you hate me I need to here that you care what should I do to prove this to you

can I tell you... I need you I want you I love you I beg for you I call you

all I want is to have you back back with me back together for eternity

thank you for reading this. do you like it? this is for a good friend and she is very awesome. what do you think? is it good or bad?

xx RANDI xx