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When its too late to turn back

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I almost promised you my strength, but then I was afraid. It's nothing personal to you, just the way I was raised. And if you wake up in my heart, the promise is made, There will be nothing left to fear, just lying there amazed. There are so many things in this world that we can see, And there are just so many dreams that we can make. Life can be hard, but this is exactly what I want it to be, The sound of your voice as you promise you'll never break.

Sometimes I get lost in your eyes, And I feel like there is no way out, Like you've captured me into your heart, And you don't plan to ever let me go. It's like I've been sucked into a hole, Something that I just can't control, But inside it's beautiful to me, And I feel like when I reach the bottom, I'll be where I've always wanted to be. I plan to set you no rules, Just let your heart run wild, We will always act like fools, And that's why we'll always smile. I always wondered why I was alive, But I never thought there was an answer til I met you.