I want to leave my parents

well.. I cant take my parents anymore they always blame me for everythinq. always acusinq me and stuff. sumtimes I just want to leave and make them suffer. but at the same time I have no money.. no where to qo.. and no way of supplyinq my self. because im only 13. I need peoples advice on how to keepp livinq with them.

Answer #1

Don’t do it I tried it and I just simply ended back with them

They were pissed and didn’t trust anything I said for a while

I think it still sits in the back of their minds now and that was years ago

Don’t worry you only have 5 years they’re going to “fly by” trusts me !!!

Answer #2

I agree with lalalovescoco292. Things should improve, just talk to your parents about it, they tend to rationalize when they have an honest talk with their kids; I’m sure you’ll be fine. They love you, and although this sounds cliche, they really do want the best for you, even if they eat your a$$ out about it. Good luck<3

Answer #3

If you have no money, no where to go, or nothing to supply to yourself, you can’t leave. What are you going to do when you’re hungry? Cold? Tired? How about you try talking to your parents about your problems.

Answer #4

My advice. Just talk to them and try to make things feel better. You may feel like this now, but its ok. I’ve been through it before. twice. because I watched my sister go through it. it sucked. It seems like everything is terrible, and like they are against you. but your still only 13, things HAVE to get better.

I hope I could help. I dont like hearing kids talk about not being able to stand their parents =(

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