I want to know if my

I want to know if my weight is suitable for my height ,my height is 178cm and weight 115 kilo and I want to follow a diet to loose 20 kilo does anybody knows a good one?

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BMI is inaccurate...you need to go to a doctor or a gym and look at your % body fat.

BMI does not take into account muscle...which plays a HUGE role in your weight.

I know some skinny guys whose BMI's are way over 25...but they're definitely not overweight...

so in all honesty I can't tell you...it depends on the way you are built and your currently lifestyle...it does sound a bit on the heavy side...so healthy eating and good excercise. I.e. a HEALTHY lifestyle will ensure that you are the correct weight for your height and age.

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I got it 5.83 feet 254 pounds

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I want to note that I don't have time to workout

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I don't know

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