I want clear skin!!! HELP!!!

Ok so I am 13 years old. I hate my face because of how bad my skin is. I dont have acne really but I have like a bunch of red dots left from pimples and then I also have a lot of pimples. But then theres these really weird red bumps that are like underneath the skin and I have no idea what they are. I have pretty sensitve skin and it is also pretty light. Does anybody out there know what I should do to get rid of the pimple scars and the pimples that keep appearing on my face. Also what are those underneath the skin bumps called and how can I get rid of them. I just dont want to have bad skin anymore I really want to do something about it. And I have tried proactiv and it did not work on my skin it make me breakout even more so no proactiv… Thanks!!!

Answer #1

I have the same problem except I dont have scars…but if you do you could try medicated acne wash it really isnt 4 acne but its 2 keep your skin looking less red and full of bumps. It is very light so if you have sensetive skin it will help a lot!!

Answer #2

you could try drinkin water instead of sugary drinks.

Answer #3

I’m sorry for ya girl really!!! I have the same problem!!! I’m trying to do the same thing you are so were in this together and I’m 13 too! your not alone!!!

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