What is the best skin care product that will clear your skin?

Ok, im 15 year old girl who has not so clear skin. im despreate to find something that will clear my skin and keep it clear. I have acne on my face, shoulders, upper back, and lower neck. I would really like some advice on any product that you know of that will help me. I have already tried pro active and that has not worked for me at all. I have also tried some nutrogena products and they have some what worked but have not fully giving me the results I would like. I have seen my doctor about this and what they said is not very helpful. I’m not very active with sports and such, but I also have a good healthy diet. does anybody at all know what would be a good product for me at a reasonable price? please let me know. thanks for the advice :)

Answer #1

well I kinda had the same thing but I went to the doctor and ask for well its kinda like birth control but with out the chemicals it justs helps your face it works great hope this helps

Answer #2

You should try products from Clinique. Like the 3 Step. They work great!

Answer #3

don’t use face wipes they only wipe the surface of the skin and don’t go down to the layers you need to remove all traces of dirt make-up etc with a cream make up remover and cotton wool and you need to cleanse your skin and use a toner with cotton wool and keep wiping untill the cotton wool wipes away clean you should do this every day and night and never go to bed with make-up on as it clogs up your pores that causes spots I swear by this my mum told me and my3sisters to do this and we never got acne oh and don’t use soap on your face use a spot prone face wash freederm would be good for you

Answer #4

I don’t know but I have the same. im 13 and have the same issues, except I havent tried pro active, but I have tried soaps and stuff and none work for my skin. im thinking about trying the clean and clear pack, but I don’t know about if it will work

Answer #5

Buy Acnezine from www.nutrichamps.com All natural safe and better that pro-activ. gauranteed

Answer #6

Try bestbathstore.com The acne facial bar works really well!

Answer #7

I use Eucerin Clear Skin Formula Pore Purifying Foaming Wash

Answer #8

clearasil or just facial wipes to get rid of exess dirt it cleers up the skin

Answer #9

cleocin t.it has to be prescribed though just ask your doc

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