Should my boyfriend and I have a baby?

I’m only 15 but i really would like a baby. My whole life ive grown up surrounded by little kids and i have 6 younger cousins and 5 of them i have pretty much been a mum to them myself. since they were babies i have done everything for them as all the adults in my family have serious jobs and are never around. you would think that being around so many kids would put me off but taking care of them makes me happy. i have spoke to my boyfriend about it and he said he’ll always be there for me but im not sure my parents will be. what do you think???

Answer #1

well hunnie having a kid at 15 will be hard on you,you need to ask yourself these questions…Do i have enough money for the birth?,will my boyfriend help me take care of the baby?,Can i find a good job that pays enough to help care for the baby? and things lke that

Answer #2

You are to young, i know that you know you can raise it, but can you afford it? You should be concentrating on your education and then after you find the right guy to be with that will help you support the child then you will be able to do it…


Answer #3

listen, you mit want a baby but u should’nt have one. it’s TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! i have a nefue right now and he URK’S me to the CORE!! im tellin u it’s to hard. just think having 2 watch my bad ass nefue all YOUR LIFE!!

Answer #4

i mean if i were u i wouldnt do it. you might think you are ready and stuff but you sstill have a whole life ahead o you. if the boy left you and it was just you.. would you be able to tkae care and be responsible for the baby?? If i were you i would wait and make sure you are ready. If ya wanna talk more. funmail me!


Answer #5

really you dont want to know what i think!! bot let me say this, you dont need a babie!!! you too young for one!! you got a life time to think about that right now you need to stay in school!!!be what your gona be in life!! then have a babie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #6

hey, i realli think you need some timeto urself. seems lke u spend alot of time with kids so maybe u dunno wat its like to go out and be a normal 15yr old. u reali shud wait til ur married or something. im 19 and been with my bf for 4yrs and my job is an au pair meanin i go abroad and look after kids but its easy now because u can hand them back to there parents when they cry or wen they are up all nite so i realli tink u shud wait. good luck xoxo

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