What does it mean if I feel like urinating all the time?

What does it mean if you feel like you have to pee really bad, but then when you go to use the bathroom, you pee, but it really isn’t that much?

Answer #1

yupp I had thatt . you will havee a fever likee thingg. peein will hurt or stingg. maybee some pain in back orr lower stomache. its called a URINARY TRACK INFECTION

most girlls gett itt. I had it twicee and im 14. it will gett worse and worsee. go to the doctors and they will give you stuff and you will feel GREAT ! : )

-good luck.

Answer #2

It might be a uti. Check what color the urine is. Is there any pain when urinating? If so that could be a uti. If its dark in color and smell is not normal.

Answer #3

You may want to go to the the Dr to be sure you do not have a urinary tract infection. But if you do, you are prescribed antibiotics and start feeling better within the first day you start the medicine. Another possibility is pregnancy. Either way, I suggest seeing your primary care physician because you will get the answers and treatment you need. Good Luck :)

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