I think im pregnant but the test are negative

Hello…I have a question…I think im pregnant actually I have the best of feelings that I am I have all the symptoms I have lower back pains and cramps and I have nausia and I get headaches time to time and I have a dark circle around my nipple and the hurt when I touch them…but the werid thing is that my belly is big I noticed this because I used to be really skinny now my stomach is big and hard and I only have gained weight in the tummy area…but all my test I have taken even at the clinic have came out to be negative which I am going Thursday to get a blood test done..oh yeah I forgot to mention that April 4 was my last period but when I had it it was werid like very light I stopped three times which is also werid the first day I stopped and then in the morning I started again and it stopped again later that night and then started again so I didnt know what to think but the clinic lady said my stomach is kinda high but I knew someone that carried high and didnt get low til the baby dropped I just know im pregnant just the test say otherwise I don’t know what to think I need help..

Answer #1

Well Im having the SAME problem as most of you… I would be 5 weeks if I am pregnant…but every test I have taken comes back negative… but I am also a week late on my periodd… I am a 17 year old female and I currently weigh about 93.5lbs. I know im very tiny but the doctor said that it is normal… anyways my mom doesnt think that I am pregnant but I still have that feeling in my gut that says I am.. I have ALL the symptoms… but I don’t know what to think.. I have made a doctors appt. but they said that they cant do blood until my cold is all cleared up… but I don’t know so if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out by e-mailing me at chelsea_koziatek@yahoo.com I would really apprectiate it… Thank you :]

Answer #2

I am having the same problem I been gaing weight I would be around 3 months but I have had the same problem I been to a clinc and the test was negastive I even hsve had two postive but when at the doctor the test weas negative and I scared because I want the best for my body if I am

Answer #3

Hey im having the same problem. I have a 18 month old… The last time I had unprotected sex was a couple months ago. But I have had my periods (still irregular and not normal) and my urine test say no. I am a tall slim female and I have noticed my stomach and again the only place my weight goes… my legs are tiny…after I eat I look like I have a baby bump and my stomach is harder than usual. Plus I can see my heartbeat moving my stomach.. unusually strong. I really would perfer not to be pregnant so maybe im just super paranoid. I def need to make a appt to the doctor asap. I suggest you do the same. Help put you at ease. Wish you well & goodluck!!!

Answer #4

Go to the doctor for a blood test! When my mom was pregnant with me her urine test kept saying negative, later she went to the doctor for a blood test which showed POSITIVE. GOOD LUCK

Answer #5

If April 4th was your last period, then it may just be too soon for a regular pregnancy test to be accurate. It’s best to take it after you’ve missed a period, but a blood test is usually a little more sensitive, so that may settle it once and for all.

As for your stomach being high or low, that’s not even relevant at this stage.

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