I think i gained weight in one day

yesterday I weighed myself and I was 64 kilos, so I ate a lot of sweets and junk, today am 65, is that possible, I mean to gain weight in one day???HELP

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weigh yourself in the morning and youll know your real weight. and yes it is possible.. but youd have to have eaten a lot of drank a lot of fluids.. or just have a lot of stress.

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your weight fluctuates all the time
all kinds of things will make you gain and loose weight
and if you weight yourself daily
youll notice that it goes up and down
water adds weight
so if you drank a lot of water that would add on some weight
and any food you eat will obviously weight something
and that weight goes on you untill it turns into fat and/or gets digested later on
water and food arnt as light as air
they weight something
and when you eat/drink
that gets added onto your weight
but water quickly comes off when you pee or exerscise and need to replace it
and food comes off when you exerscise

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You way more at different times of the day, you should weigh yourself at the same time of the day.

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