Can you bring a guest to the ymca?

has any one ever brought a guest to the ymca...I want to bring my friend but I don't know what to say to them who to give the fee to and everything so if any one has brought someone please tell me what to do!

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thanx brian8u and everyone else!!! I got it covered!!!

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yes you can I and if they wont let your friend in using your pass they will let them in for roughly $5 but they should not give you any problem

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Sorry I'm not really answering your question but I've often heard people talking about the YMCA. I'm from England soo I don't really know mucha bout it. What is it?




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YMCA is an outfit that is best known in the USA for pools and swim instruction though they offer gyms, sports, classes, and lots of other things. They also support communities and social development.

YMCA stands for Young Mens Christian Association though members of all worldviews are welcome. I belong to the local why and I'm not exactly a Christian. In addition to the YMCA there are YWCAs for women though all YMCAs accept women as well now.

As far as the original questions. Each YMCA has its own policy on guests. Some allow members to bring guests a certain number of times. Others charge a small fee for members to bring a guest. Many YMCAs have web sites so if you can find your Y's website they probably state its guest policy there.

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