teenage girl bed room help !!!

ok I need some help I am a teen of cource. but I need some help decorating my room! im moving and I want to get my bedroom in my new house ready.. so im not going to bother redecorateing my old room.. I will tell you what it looks like Its so you can get some ideas. I will have a window seal in my room..my own bathroom with a walk in clothest!! and its going to be a pretty BIG room !!

I want something really cool in my room.
I dont like pink.. so I wont have pink in my new bedroom.. I also want a room were me and my friends can hang out.. I dont want anything babyish ..

                   Please help!!
Answer #1

ok, heres what your gonna do. Paint one wall black and the other wall white. On the black wall put up pictures of you and your friends or your favorite music artist. (Like Taylor Swift)Any thing you want can go there, because the black wall will define the colors better. This way the room isnt too dark you will still have that white wall to balance it out. Then get a black and white bed set, with a cool flower design. I know it sounds babyish its not its really cool. Then get pink pillows and blankets and chairs etc. Pink will be your accent color. If you dont like pink (I dont like pink but its pretty cool in this type of room) just use your favorite color red works or purple, or green just about any color. Then you do the rest with your choice of furnature. Its also pretty cool if you hire an artist to airbrush designs or even your name on the wall behind your bed! HOPE THIS HELPS!

Answer #2

put anything were you want it and choose colors that go together like green purple and blure,or red orange and yellow,also get some fun stuff,if you and your friends want a hongout place in your room get some chairs or bean bags,mabey a radio and a tv

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