How can I memorize 100 Bible verses?

ok so im going to join a Bible Verse memory contest. SO I have to memorize over 100 verses to get through so I could win 1st place… Can anyone please give some “easy to learn” verses. Please? I will be really gratefull if yall help me wit this…

Answer #1

I’d find verses that really mean something to you - ones that you already partly know because their message really speaks to you in some way. The Sermon on the Mount - I agree with that one. I can see you’re part way through this task by now - I hope it’s going well. Let us know how you get on, won’t you?

Answer #2

well which version you are going to memorize and did you read the bible history first and did you know who wrote the bible and did you know if thats true words of GOD or not,, think about it before you memorize it

Answer #3

yeah, thanks flossheal, I learned 20 verses in 2 days and my mom was soo happy because of my improvement… thanks to u

Answer #4

Well I do think the easiest verses are say ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ (Matthew), Ecclesiastes, and probably Genesis.

Best of luck!

Answer #5

HEy idont think it will be hard because I’ve decided to learn 10 verses per day for 10 days. So lets see…10 days times 10 verses = 100 verses in 10 days!! YAY! I can doo it… un less I give up…booo

Answer #6

I’d go with the first 100.

Can the verses be consecutive?

Answer #7

DOes not sould like you are doing this for the right reason to me but hey what do I know..Jesus wept is the shortest one.

Answer #8

It will be hard, but if you are determined you can do it. You may have to use word association. Good luck.

Answer #9

IAM doin this 4 the rite reason. MY sunday skl teachers told me 2 memorize them. And the contest is to prove 2 them that I did do the verses.

Answer #10

number them if your mind works that way. Each number will stand for something significantly different in each.

Answer #11

Oh wow that’ll be hard…I’m not sure…

Answer #12

yea I learnd this today

Answer #13

Ofcourse i know those stuff.

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