How old do you have to be to move out?

how old do I have to be to move out? well emancipate my parents?

Answer #1

You can be 16 AS long as you have parent permission and a suitable place to live

Answer #2

u can emancipate your parents when your 16. if your parents refuse to let you move out you can take them to court. as long as you can prove that you are self-sufficent and you don’t need their help with anything and also that they are unfit parents then the court will emancipate you.

Answer #3

You can move out when you’re 16, but you have to have your parent’s permission. If they refuse to give you permission, you have to wait until you’re 18.

Answer #4

dude I think you have to be 15 or something. you just have to have a family member or something to show you have a stable home, you have to sho you can support your self with a job an you have to go to school. well thats what im told. im trying to get emancipated from this girl who adopted me 12 years ago and go back with my real mom.

Answer #5

Is there anyway to move out without a parents concent, even if the miner had adult supervision at the other home?

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