How do you dress emo?

how do you dress emo?-_-

Answer #1

skinny jeans!

Answer #2

your a POSER but enywey you wear frikin skiny jeenz an skater shoez but I’ve seen sum wit dem nikes lately. normal tshirtz. but why you tryna b sumin your not??

Answer #3

Do you know what emo is? It’s emotionally challenged. It’s not how you dress, it’s how you act. And it gets to a point where you dress how you feel, that’s why you see people in black with lots of makeup.

Answer #4

I dont think anyone should dress according to some fad its a wast of time if you like the style enough you should just like it when you see it in the store your style should come from you trying to match something even if you love the music being normal sux normal is nothin more then a bunch of people trying to fit in

Answer #5

Well, emos suck! but first you usally just get your sisters pants, then you take her eye liner and then you grow your hair in the front and last but not least you get sum BIG sum glasses.

Answer #6

Basically Anything Passes Off As Emo These Days. I’ve Been Called Emo While Wearing Short Shorts. So You Shouldn’t Have Any Problems.

Also a lot Of People Tend To Bag Out “Emo Kidds” (Personally To Me Emo Is Simply Music Not A Style).

But Skinny Jeans Seem To Be Considered Emo, Converse High Tops (Chucks) Or Even Low Tops. Band T-Shirts, Cuffs, Lots Of Black. Eye Liner.

Do You Really want to Be Yet Another Wemo ?

Answer #7

all you need is heavy makeup and really really really tight jeans

Answer #8

Tight jeans, bandannas, heavy eyeliner, sweaters that are too small.

Answer #9


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