How do i convince my parents to let me get a chinchilla?

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Don't beg and cry for one because that will just show them that you are not responsible and you will only beg for smoething you want. Trust me I have had 20 pets in my lifetime! By the way will this be your first pet or have you had pets before? It helps to know!

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u could prove you're responsible. clean your room, if you have a pet pay attention 2 it, do your homework, do it without being asked. then when theyre in a good mood, ask then, tell them how responsible you r and you would feed it clean it play with it and all that stuff. tell them they dont have to answer right away let them think about it.

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work out a system


and also maybe they just dont have the money... GET A JOB
or just raise money :) I might be absoloutely no help, my parents let me have pets.

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hey I really really want a chinchilla I keep asking my parents but I don't know if they're giving in

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thats hard I still want 1 too and I found one that comes with a cage and everything but my mom is set on no :(

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Maybe you should ask them what you could do to get a chinchilla. Be realistic, like if I make all A's next semester, etc.

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Maybe you should ask them what you could do to get a chinchilla. Be realistic, like if I make all A's next semester, etc.

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do more 4 them
an beg
meybee work up some tears

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well I was having the same problem but what I did was research on them and I tried to impress her. she asked me like 50 questions and I knew them all. she did get impressed but then she thought I wouldnt take care of it so I did a lot of chores, dropping hints that I rea;;y wanted one, and saved up my money. I pretened to cry every night to where she got very annoyed. finally she said I could get one so I will be getting one very soon now! :D

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Chinchillas are really hard work! ever have a bunny? Thats exactly what they are. BUt if your looking for a cuddly and fun-to-watch pet, I suggest the gerbil! they poop two times less than a chinchilla, dont smell far as bad, dont eat or drink as much, you only need to clean their cage once in two weeks ( for the chinchilla, probably 2 times a week) And they are fun to watch, and VERY social animals. plus, they dont like to bite! ITS A great package in a pet!

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I really, really want a chinchilla too! I have made a booklet about them and washed the dishes for weeks I have even got my friend to email my mum saying how much I want one! But she keeps saying oh its just a phase and that she'll end up having to look after it! What eltse can I do? Please Help!!

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I have a chinchilla
look I DONT get 1 enless you are prepared for the next 20 year (thats how long they normally live for) to look after it I mean I have to clean it out every week I have to feed it in the morning and night I have to put its sand bath in ,in the moring and take it out at night you have to get it out EVERY night.and be careful they can get though the smallest of holes mine went behind the washing machine and we had to pull it out and get him out I mean there great fun dont get me wrong but will it be what it was like with me a 1 min. wonder p.s if you are getting 1 let me know because im selling mine hes called Lenny and he's about 4yrs old and very very cute I want to give him to a realy good home
hope this will help youu

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i did cry alot and still they wont i swer they are heartless and i did chores for weeks and what do they say thanks but u r still not getting one

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I am having the exact same problem and I did a lot of research on it and I think I am ready to take care of one basicly you have to show them that you are responsible and you will take care of it and if it heips write an essay on it and see if that works :P

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