How can I get a 6 pack?

How can I get a 6 pack fast???

Answer #1

r we taking bout beer or bodies???

Answer #2

I agree with bimjob about doing a lot of crunches an situps - but that is only half way to a sixpack. the other half is much tougher to achieve. you’ll have to get your fat below 8 % body mass which means a lot of running!!! by the way: if you follow these advice it wont happen in a month, but most likely in 4-6 months. stay strong!

Answer #3

yep long process unless your skinny as fcuk

Answer #4

Lots of sit ups and crunches. And NO BEER.

Answer #5

get a friend whos old enough, give them the money and have them buy it

Answer #6

Beers I Guess Lolz Hey How About Weed???They Need Love 2 D:<

Answer #7

1st off, getting a 6 pack requires a lot of patience and i know… thats exactly what you didnt want to hear. if you rush it, your muscle fibers dont place themselves correctly in your abdomen. thats why some bodybuilders have deformed muscle mass or, muscle that seems out of place (other than the reason behind steroids). and the truth is… everyone has a 6 pack, you just have to remove the fat that covers your pack, now your wondering “how do i get rid of that?” or if your just a skinny person and dont see how, either way… doing workouts as fast as you can until you get tired (train to failure method) burns fat fast than doing your workouts at a slower pace. doing workouts quicker defines your muscles… doing workouts slower increases your muscle mass (also to include heavier weight).

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