Am I the right weight for my age?

I’m 13 and I weigh like…hmm lets see? About 80 pounds

Answer #1

That puts you about 9 pounds under weight, which isn’t too bad but you should work on building it up a bit. You should be between 89 and 119, for you I’d say closer to 89 because you are only 13.

Answer #2

im 12 almost 13 and weigh 95 pounds but im not fat im tall it doesn’t matter though you are fine

Answer #3

Uhm I know I already answered this but I think yourmaybe a little too skinny…like your supposed to be 100 puonds by now…and your in what 7th grade? Turnin’ 13? Yeahh your too small and skinny =/ Awww:( Don’t worry though! I was like that too but now I’m just normal…

Answer #4

oh uh ok

Answer #5

your a little bit under the normal weight

Answer #6

heh I dont wry bout that stuff anymore:)

Answer #7

Hey, you’re okay.. dont need to worry about it

Answer #8

what the hell lol your not even into your triple figure pounds lol im 15 5”4 and 130 which is a healthy weight I was 80 pounds when I was 10 and I was about 4”10 though…hmmm

Answer #9

this is to ‘’panaqiota’’ uhh I dont care if im hot or not lol most of the girls at my school weigh that much and there popular=) uh I eats llots of junk and it doesnt change anything so yeahh maybe I have a high metalibatism or something (I think thats how you spell it lol)

Answer #10

well im 13 and im 115 I was 80 in 2nd or 3rd grade

Answer #11

I’m sure this looks gross! you’re not hot at all right?? If you want to be hot you have to be like 100 pounds…if you are over 5 and 8 then 128 pounds is perfect… Just eat some cinnamons and ice creams and pizza!

Answer #12

work out your bmi!!

Answer #13

I’m 12 and I weigh 102 lbs. my friends think I’m over weight.I tell them I’m not and I have proof but they’re like suuure…whatever. so am I over weight for a 12 year old?

Answer #14

Well, if ya can see ya ribs really badly, and that means more than just the three you may see just under your chest then I would say you need to bulk up a bit. But if you dont look like ure ill then im sure your just one of those people that are naturally skinny. Lucky you…Im sure if your eating junk then you are just a naturally skinny person and there is nothing wrong with your weight.

Answer #15

What the people above said=) ROFL

Answer #16

about 4’10

Answer #17

How tall are you? (the site I use to find average weight is based on height)

Answer #18

im 14 years old 5ft3 and im 11stone is that my ideal weight or am I over weight

Answer #19

Your O.k. most kids in america over insanely over weight. Your just a petite little girl , your cool no worries. just as long as your getting the right balance of fresh fruits and veggies your cool in my book.

Dr.timothy rejean Guillemette

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