I like girl,but she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ

NOTE:This is not about me but about a friend of mine’s.He is 15 years old and she likes a girl who is 15 years old too(they were in the same class at school)He likes this girl and she likes him(she has hugged him twice,kissed him once etc).But there is a problem.He is a Greek Christian Orthodox and the girl is Muslim,from Turkey.And because in Greece there are problems with Muslims(people from Turkey,Pakistan,Afganistan,Bangladesh etc)he is not feeling very well to have a relationship with a muslim girl from Turkey(also because Turks controlled Greece for almost 400 years)and he also has a problem:what will happen if they have a relationship and later the girl want to marry him etc.Please help him by answering my question!

Answer #1

Opositesss attract !! If you really like this person, jesus christ SHOULDN’T get in the way of it.

Answer #2

1 in 2 marriages are breaking up … in the church and out…

how much importance do you think you should place on it ?

What priority should it take?

How much research should be spent concerning one of the most important decisions you will ever make?

What do you expect from marriage?

Play it out in your mind, day after day, situation after situation…

and see how you/she responds…

what the reactiions are… to everything that happens in the union…

how to raise the children…

where to attend church…

what to teach them…

what about the inlaws??? how will they react???

Do you see yourself weathering all the storms that will come thru the years???

How many places of disagreement do you see if you look real close and hard, and be very truthful with yourself?

Are you establishing this relationship on a feeling?

Or on solid truth?

who suffers if or when it fails?

Answer #3

Well they’re 15. If they make it to an age where they’re ready to get married, they’ll have already have beaten all the odds, and I dont think religious differences will be a problem at that point…

Until then, I can understand the difficulty. It isnt just a matter of them having different beliefs, but coming from different communities who dont approve of each other, not to mention families who would probably not approve either? It’s tough to go against people you love and care about? I’m not a huge community person, and from that perspective I’d say whatever, do what makes you happy, but this boils down to how much they are both willing to stand up against their respective communities, families, etc…

Answer #4

ok I think that you can’t control who you like. at all. and no matter, I think he should give this a try. dont let your religion get in the way of a relationship. and besides your only 15! who said anything about marriage? it’s ok to date and have her as a girlfriend. he needs to not worry bout the future just yet, hes only 15. he should just live in the moment. and not in the future, then when he gets older start thinking about the furture. I hope this helps

Answer #5

ı think if he loves her they should get marrıied some of them thıngs marrıage ıs the end of lıfe but for muslıms ıs just started because wıthout marrıage they cant have sex and ı dontthınk the gırl wıll belıeve ın jesus so the boy should be muslım ıf he cant be a muslım the gırl cant marry hım I know because ı am a turkısh gırl too and turks dıdnt controlled greeks you greece people just thınk lıke that!

Answer #6

its fine, x

Answer #7

why let that spoil it? I think thats kinda stupid if you like someone and just because they dont believe in what you do you you should flat out not be interested any more I know people who have gotten married with the same situation . or even just were in a relationship. you simply just dont bring up religion with her.

Answer #8

…its pointless to hold resentment for a person, for the actions of their ancestors. But some people still can seem to understand that.

What will happen? It depends on their family and friends… that’s usually where the problems (lack of acceptance) arise from in these ‘’cross-cultural’’ situations.

Answer #9

end of lıfe but for muslıms ıs just started because wıthout marrıage they cant have sex

    So what you're saying is...Muslims dont have lives because they cant have sex before marriage?How stupid.
Answer #10

It depends on how religious the both of them are. While I think it is silly to let religious belief interfere with one’s happiness, some more devout believers could never think of being in a relationship with someone of a different faith. To me, that is pretty sad and pathetic.

Answer #11

Girl can’t marry him. Muslim women can’t marry Christian men. Problem solved. :P And if he has a problem with Muslims…lol…he shouldnt date her.

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