I know im asking a lot of questions about it, but im soso nervous

I have a physical tommoroe, whick 4 me especially, is nononononononot good! I am so fricken scared of doctors. thisis a male, so he has 2 look at my body. eeeww! anyway what if he checks my heart and its beating lie super fast so he says I have a heart condition. please help me.

Answer #1

I know how you feel…I am exactly the same…only OLD :)…and I’m still that way. Don’t worry, the Dr. won’t mistake any of your nerves for possible ailments…He’s used to bird fluttering hearts, and fast pulses…even elevated blood pressure…just for being in his office…


Answer #2

he’s a doctor, pretty sure he knows the difference between a fast heart and a heart condition… also pulse usually taken by nurse before hand…

Answer #3

just relax and take a deep breath, If your heart is beating super fast im sure he will know its nervouseness, If your that uncomfortable maybey you should find a female doctor. I am also afraid of doctors but my reason is because a doctors advice for everything is prescriptions(GROSS) but there is nothing to worry about, you will be fine.

Answer #4

its a doctors job, to look at u. they wont say anything to make you imbarrased. they just act like what they see is normal(to them it is!). dont worry! just cause your hearts beating fast, doesnt mean they will diagnose you with a heart condition!

Answer #5

its all good!

I had a male doctor too.. he was a nice one lol

just calm down.. hes seen it all lol

Answer #6

Yeah exactly …

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