How do I make breast soreness go away?

I have had sore breasts for about a month now, I am 26 years old and they have also grown from a flat AAA to a full A size cup in that month, yes I am married, came off of Depo 3 months ago, my periods are back on schedule and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and am not pregnant, we are using “natural” birth control(IE no drugs). the soreness is not around the nipple more around the outside, top and bottom. What can I do to make them stop hurting???

Answer #1

breats tenderness can be a sign of pregnancy espceially if your breats have grown in size so to be sure, take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had sex (any sooner and the results won’t be accurate) in the morning with your first pee is the best time and take it when your period is due and see a doctor for a blood test which will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results

either way you should see a dcotor though and ask him/her whats wrong with your breasts and why there hurting

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