I have a q-tip stuck in my ear

How do I get it out, without seeing a doctor? Help. Please.

Answer #1

you could try getting it out with a tweezer ( if its not really deep ) ? ask someone else to do it though, you might accidently push it deeper..

I dont know if thats safe though .. :\

but the best thing you can do is go to a doctor, maybe to the emergency room at the hospital ?

Answer #2

either you pull it out possibly risking yourself of I don’t know how many dangers, or you see a doctor.. there’s not much of another choice for you dear..

Answer #3

well why cant you see a doc and how did you get it stuck and how far or how deep is it if you can answer these then I can possible give you a really good answer

Answer #4

how did it get stuck in the first place? you need to go 2 a doctor or it could get stuck in your ear even farther!

Answer #5

if it’s not deep, pull it out.. if it is… then you should really see a doctor, without help you can go deaf.

Answer #6

Okay, I saw the doc. Like the day after I posted this, just haven’t been on lately:D The q-tip is out now!

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