why wont my girlfriend give me head anymore?

me and my girlfriend have been daten for 7 months. when we first started daten she gave me head no now she dont I don’t know why btshe sed she don’t like given head. we havent had sex for the last two months she just never wants to. bt she says I good in bed so I don’t know what to do anymore I love her and she loves me what do I do?

Answer #1

all you can do is talk to her about it ask her why shes not doing anythings exual with you and ask her why ask her if its because of you or not

Answer #2

You’re asking US, a bunch of strangers on the internet, why your “girlfriend” won’t do something? Don’t you see a little problem with that? How do we know?!?!? ASK HER, and then LISTEN to her answer and TRUST what she tells you.

Answer #3

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