I got G grades in my GCSE exams. What should I do?

help! I failed my GCSEs? Hi, can anyone help. I have got myself into a very bad situation. I am 16 years old and due to missing about 4 years of school have only got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from getting a C grade in English) .I wondeed what my options are in terms of going to college? Do they have any courses for people in my situation? If so then what are they (called)? Can anyone tell me a bit about them? and what can someone progress to from these courses? Also…I have heard they run a few random GCSE subjects (mainly English and maths) at college? please be honest…would doing GCSE courses at college be suitable for someone in my situation? If so then how many subjects and what subjects should I take? and for how long? Also I wouldn’t have a clue how to put a timetable of these subjects together (how to link them) etc… so what can I do about this??(expecially if they are at different colleges)Who would help me to link the subjects together??? If I got G grades in my GCSEs …what sort of a grade do you think I’d get at the end of a few 1 yr GCSE course subjects sat at college?please be honest. and what could I progress to after the GCSE courses? Can anyone out there help me? I feel really frightened about my future and no-one at home will help me. Does getting G grades mean that I have no future worth living? Or that I will never get a well-paid job? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!!

Answer #1

hey mate.. im in the same position as you but possibly worse.. it’s May 14th.. and I’m basically a complete noob at this stuff.. and just like you, no one at home will help me..

I didn’t even get a C for english, I’ve completed a 1 year course of BTEC ICT in sixth form, it’s just about to end this comming june.. and I still don’t have the grades to go on to A-Level sixth form, so basically for me it’s college or.. well just college.. problem is that it’s may 14th, and I still havn’t applied for a college yet, perhaps its too late? if so now what?! :S

damn I need some help too =(

Good luck for the both of us mate.. right? =]


Answer #2

The jhoniscool Person; shut ya face, your Not Cool(:

First of all dont Panic! just calm down.. look on the internet at a few colleges and what courses they do Do a Course You WANT to do not a course that your only doing because you can.. because you might not enjoy it.

say you want to do travel and tourism but dont have the right grades.. well Re-sit you exams.

im re-doing my maths along-side Travel and tourism.

Just Dont Worry! and Do what You Want To do.. Cus You DOnt Want To Be Wasting Your Time Doing Something You Hate

Hope It all Works Out For Youu :D xo

Answer #3

Hey everyone I have just got back my GCSE I got maths C ICT C english lit C and art C the rest are D/E I ran into the field today crying my eyes out that was how upset I was I really want to go 6 forum and I do have dyslexia so I sometimes find these things hard help me :(

Answer #4

omg I juss got a G in maths & I don’t know what to do am only in year 10 & that was only our practice exam what more in the real exams

Answer #5

don’t worry bout it. ask at acollege if they’ll let uresit your exams. imexpected to get an A in science, had a mock and got a D - oh crap lol. Just follow the advice on here, some of its really good. :)

Answer #6

Firstly, it sounds like you’re panicking tremendously! First thing is to relax.

Secondly, several colleges and even schools offer GCSE Retakes in English Language and Maths. It shouldnt be hard to find one.

Thirdly there a lots of more vocational courses available at colleges, where G grades are perfectly acceptable. Hunt around on the net for colleges local to you and order some prospectuses.

If you get onto a good vocational course, colleges sometimes even help you find work placements/training. Don’t worry too much, just settle and start to think about it.

Many people are in work without any GCSEs. And don’t forget, a G grade is sitll a pass.

Just find what youre good at in terms of skills or talents and try to get onto a course. I would also recommend finding a college where you could retake English or Maths. Also find out where you went wrong before so you dont make the mistakes again and can pass the GCSE.

Best Wishes

Answer #7

Hey there, am in a similar sort of boat, I couldn’t get into the college course I wanted to get into. But lucky now they are doing like support key skill classes which you can work up your grades and get a City & Guilds Certificate for Numeracy, literature and communication, it’s a highly well known qualification and backs any other GCSE grades you have. Alternatively you can do re-takes but do them now whilst it’s all fresh…That’s where I went wrong…I was a little care free when I left school and just thought ah well screw it I’m in the world but that’s a bad way to take it. Get as many qualifications as you can so that at the end of the day when your employer employs you instead of just saying like…D, E, E, F, G, G…You can day D, E, E, F, G, G, City and guilds level 1,2 and 3 in Numeracy, Literature and communication…I think you get what I mean plus the key skills grades act as a C to A grade in the topic at GCSE level!!! Good luck and best wishes for the future :)

Answer #8

I got an E in chemistry. and I was expected to get an A. oh shit.

Answer #9

Youu can posibly resit your exams have a word with one of the colleges that you are decyding 2 go 2 & they myt offer Youu 2 resit your gcse’s..Dont worry there are many other things you can do if you fail at gcse you can also get certificates in many other practical things.. some people are not good with exams Like mee I hatee exams..BUt yh my sister did I beautician course..& her works going really well. so you can try different courses which dont require you to have a specific grade.. bdw im having my gcse’s this year & im scared like hell.!!

Answer #10

Am I the only lucky one here got for maths A, english B, physics B, biology A, chemistry A, history A and finally Dutch A and guess what this is not for my GCSE its A2 am hoping to apply for Oxford University or UCL

Answer #11

don’t worry. A G grade is a pass, and therefore still an ok grade to get into certain colleges. A U grade would be worrying, because that would mean you failed. but a G grade is just the minimum you need to pass, which is good, you’ve still passed! (so your gcses are not in vain). Having G grades will still get you into places. Don’t feel upset about getting a G since it is still a pass and therefore you have got a gcse qualification. Well done on your C! That’s an amazing result!

Answer #12

do the past papers and visit [link removed]

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