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I got G grades in my GCSE exams. What should I do?

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help! I failed my GCSEs?
Hi, can anyone help. I have got myself into a very bad situation. I am 16 years old and due to missing about 4 years of school have only got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from getting a C grade in English) .I wondeed what my options are in terms of going to college? Do they have any courses for people in my situation? If so then what are they (called)? Can anyone tell me a bit about them? and what can someone progress to from these courses?
Also...I have heard they run a few random GCSE subjects (mainly English and maths) at college? please be honest...would doing GCSE courses at college be suitable for someone in my situation? If so then how many subjects and what subjects should I take? and for how long? Also I wouldn't have a clue how to put a timetable of these subjects together (how to link them) etc... so what can I do about this??(expecially if they are at different colleges)Who would help me to link the subjects together??? If I got G grades in my GCSEs ...what sort of a grade do you think I'd get at the end of a few 1 yr GCSE course subjects sat at college?please be honest. and what could I progress to after the GCSE courses?
Can anyone out there help me? I feel really frightened about my future and no-one at home will help me.
Does getting G grades mean that I have no future worth living?
Or that I will never get a well-paid job?